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​​Music Made in Heaven...a unique community handbell ensemble

'Good Vibrations' at The 2019 Gathering

 3925 Lauriston Road
Raleigh, NC 

(919) 373-0103


Our Mission Statement

In honor and remembrance of our children who have died, we, the parents, have created a handbell choir as an ongoing expression of our love for God and joy in the gift of our children. The music, played with bells representing our children, serves as a beautiful contribution our children are continuing to make to the world.

Our Vision Statement

As the community of Music Made in Heaven, our vision is to:

• ensure the memories of our children are continually honored through the gift 

of handbell music to others;

• bring hope and healing to bereaved and grieving families, and to share our 

strength and joy with those who have not experienced this loss;

• offer every effort of our organization as a service to God, our children, our 

fellow ringers, our donors and our audiences.

Our Values Statement

To achieve our vision, the MMIH community will commit to the organization's goals as:

• reflected by the ringers, in an ever-growing professionalism of its music and service;

• reflected by the donors, in both financial and personal support;

• reflected by the Board, through leadership that ensures the organization 

consistently moves toward its goals.

We play to express our joy and gratitude for the lives of our children.  We also play to inspire healing and hope in others. And most importantly, our playing is a gift to our children, providing them a way to add beauty to our world through music. We call it Music Made in Heaven.

 If you'd like to donate a bell in memory of a child  – please click on the "Donations" tab for more information